Saturday, October 28, 2006

This Is What We Do When The Deadline's Done

I'm wading my way through the slush pile, which pretty much doubled in size right on the knife-edge of midnight. And I've just got one message to those of you who decided to deluge our inbox with so much additional heavy lifting just as the deadline passed.

Good job.

I mean it. Good job. Good for you, and you, and you, and all the rest of you. You know the meaning of the word "deadline," you take it seriously, and you work into the wee hours to make sure you meet it. Kudos to the whole procrastinating lot of you for overriding your instincts for postponement and making our needs a higher priority than your spare time. Thank you and thank you some more.

Of course, the extra verbiage will take a bit longer to wade through than originally anticipated. Alex has bought me some time, and I'm determined to have most of the heavy lifting done by the middle of November, but many hours must be worked, many stories must be read, and much pizza must be consumed.

Those of you who might still have stories to send are welcome to go ahead and send them. After all, though submissions haven't officially opened on FANG 5, we're always looking for talent. However, you should know the following about sending in additional FANG 4 material:
- We will laugh at you. Stories sent in after the deadline while the deals are being worked are likely to be handed around the office ("Look how late this one sent his in!") and much hilarity will be shared.
- Our priorities on FANG 4 have shifted from collection and selection to contacting and editing, so the odds that we can read new stories are growing dimmer and dimmer with each passing hour. Your story's chances of being accepted in this atmosphere rely on how good it is, and frankly, at this point it would have to knock me right out of my shoes. If I wore shoes.
- Your story would be going on the bottom of what is now an unexpectedly very large slush pile, and it's more than likely that we'll have the book assembled before we reach it.

Take heart, though; you'll notice that we never close the door completely, and we're always scouting new talent and looking forward to the next FANG. For those of you who missed the deadline and want to sneak in the back door, there's a key under the flowerpot. I won't tell Alex if you won't. And for those of you who made the deadline, I humble and prostrate myself before your mighty mojo. It is from your mighty will to create that greatness is forged. I'm just the editor. You guys have all the talent.


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