Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bad Dog Books mass-mailing!

Hello there!

Osfer here, Alex Vance to some. A canine of many names and great ambitions.

Firstly, my apologies to anyone receiving this who doesn't want it. Drop me a line and you'll never be bothered again -- or sign up at to receive future info more conveniently. I'm jazzed about some recent news, jazzedd as jazzed can be, so much so that I pulled up every mail address I could remember.

For those of you who haven't been in the loop: earlier this year I came down with an unpleasant condition called repetitive strain injury which caused me enough problems with my fingers that I decided to cut back on my typing, which meant I could no longer do the amount of editing and communicating needed to keep FANG, the Little Black Book of Furry Fiction, going.

Ben Goodridge, whose stories appeared in FANG's second volume, stepped up to the plate and offered his services as managing editor. Having been greatly impressed with his writing and professionalism I thanked my patron saint, said 'sure, hop aboard' with an affected and oh-so-cool shrug, and together we started Bad Dog Books, the new name of this dazzlingly modern publishing venture.

BDB, as it's known for short, is offering our combined experience in print-on-demand publication to the masses, helping anyone who's got a story to tell (i.e. a novel, a collection of stories, or even a comic) get their book published, if possible without it costing them a dime.

Ben is collecting material for the fourth volume of FANG, the first non-erotic collection, which will focus on science fiction in the broadest possible sense.

Meanwhile, I've been splitting my time building the website (, don't forget to sign up :), finishing up the third volume (fantasy-themed gay erotica!) and reworking the first two volumes in a new pocket format, with a higher-quality cover. I also got some business sense and changed the sales price to an admittedly hefty $29.99 -- yes, I know it sucks, but it means that authors should be getting paid a good bit more as time progresses and BDB's coffers fill, we'll have spare cash to undertake interesting new projects in future, and at this price point we can actually sell to retailers, which we couldn't do before without taking major losses.

Speaking of which, Sofawolf Press ( has ordered a stock of FANG Volume 1 and 2, to be sold through their webstore along with the comics, magazines (let me recommend Heat and Anthrolations) and novels (Volle, Pendant of Fortune and the upcoming Common & Precious are stand-out titles), as well as going on sale at the MFF con in November. Negotiations are underway with Rabbit Valley and Black Paw Productions, so FANG may very well soon grace their shelves as well.

And it's sales that have me jazzed. Yes, folks, it's money that gets this puppy excited -- or more accurately, it's the fact that people are willing to spend it on FANG that excites me. I've always had great confidence that the furry fandom would respond favorably to a new, modern anthology series of quality fiction, but every time a copy is sold I feel that lovely twinge of satisfaction that comes from knowing I was right. I was right that furries want it, and I was right that there are enough furry writers out there to give the audience what they want.

The new pocket-format edition of FANG Volume 1 went on sale two weeks ago. Two of my friends, a wolf and a cheetah -- you know who you are -- volunteered to hawk a bunch of copies at EuroFurence and Feral respectively. Naturally I instantly overestimated them and had a far greater stock of books produced than I could afford -- and you know what?

My wolf buddy goes and sells a good number of the books at EuroFurence, handing out stylin' business cards with the BDB logo (which is awesome!) to anyone interested in getting a copy later.

My cheetah friend then stuffs his bags with as many FANGs as he can carry as he heads off to Feral, leaving me to worry that he'll have to take a whole lot back home again and I'll be stuck with a stock that I can hopefully get sold purely by word of mouth...

The cheetah worked his feline magic and all books were sold out within forty minutes of his table opening.

So yeah, I'm jazzed.

Again, if you dig what FANG is, as a reader, writer or sympathiser or you just want to keep track of this cutting-edge publishing stuff we're doing, head on over to and sign up to access the forums and receive future newsletters. If you *don't* want to be bothered, drop me a line and I'll remove your e-mail address snap fast.

Now, those of you I haven't conversed with in a long time... by all means drop me a line. It's easiest for me if you use the forums on for FANG or BDB-related stuff, so I can ration the use of my fingers by answering questions once rather than a dozen times over, but if you just want to have a chat and catch up, my e-mail address is still

Peace out, y'all.

- Alex Vance, aka Osfer

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