Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Past the deadline

God people of Planet Bad Dog,

The deadline has passed, and for those of you unaware, it was October 16. We deliberately kept the date vague at first hoping to avert a very common phenomenon, namely the habit of writers to interpret a deadline not as 'submit your work before' a particular date, but 'submit your work exactly on' a particular date.

Nonetheless, that's exactly what happened. Ben had been studiously scanning the slush pile and making a pre-selection and FANG Volume 4 was taking shape. He was preparing acceptance and rejection messages to the authors in question, when the chimes of midnight rang and the BDB mailbox was swamped in a flurry of new submissions.

This continued for several hours, as each timezone's authors seemed to wait for the stroke of midnight before submitting their work. The slush pile is now half-again as large as it was before the weekend, and Ben dove onto the new submissions with a knife and fork.

When decisions of inclusion or exclusion have been made, authors will be contacted directly and privately. An announcement newsletter will also be made announcing the fact that those messages have been sent.

Considering the amount of work still ahead despite our attempt to fudge the deadline; if you have a piece that's alllllmost finished and you just missed the deadline, contact and plead your case.

While I've kept mostly hands-off on this issue, placing full faith in Ben's judgement, I had a chance to look over many of the submissions recently. Ben is going to have a very hard time making the selection, and FANG 4 is going to be a very, very good book.

That said, FANG 2 (horror homoerotica) is nearing its final revision before it's ready for publication and I'll be contacting the authors of FANG 3 (fantasy homoerotica) shortly to start the editing process with them while Ben manages the editing of FANG 4.

The first FANG Presents book will also shortly be presented; Everybody Loves Luther, by André "Badger" Blaireau, is complete and we're now just dotting the T's and crossing the I's in regard to the cover (gorgeous cover art by Grimal!)

It's going to be a busy winter here at BDB, but we'll stoke the fires and keep the cogs turning night and day. Stay tuned for updates regarding the upcoming FANG 5, once we've had a chance to sleep!



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