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2007: The Year of the Bad Dog



The Year of the Bad Dog.


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When things go quiet at Bad Dog Books, it can mean three things.

One: we're having a party and you're not invited. This doesn't happen nearly as often as we'd like it to. Alas!

Two: we're working very hard on something. This happens all the time. We wish we could have more parties, but between schmoozing, editing, wheeling and dealing we just don't have a whole lot of time to spend just drinking. Usually we end up drinking while working.

But there's a third option, too. That's when we're working very, very hard on things, so hard, in fact, that often we can't even drink. Can you imagine?

You don't have to. This is that eventuality. And we of Bad Dog Books, the hardworking yet comically underpaid Ben Goodridge and the money-grubbing, egomaniacal and always humble Alex Vance, are proud to reveal to you all the sweet, golden-hued fruits of our labours.

FANG For Sale!

After months of negotiating and wrangling, we can finally announce that FANG will be available from FurNation, starting in late February. This will be the pocket edition of FANG, compact and sleek as it always was intended to be -- and thanks to FurNation's cutting-edge equipment, we'll be able to change the price of the FANG books back to their original level.
In order to facilitate resale and ensure FANG's financial future, FANG Volume 1 was rereleased in pocket format at a staggering $29.99. While we at Bad Dog Books were more than a little surprised at the complete absence of complaint (one avid reader gave us the heartwarming confirmation that "It's worth paying for") we still felt it was too much to lay down for a book -- even one of this quality.
We are proud to announce that the FANG line henceforth will be sold for $19.99 per copy!

FANG Presents: Everybody Loves Luther

Everybody Loves Luther Cover Alex has made no secret of the fact that "Bitch-Boy" by Badger was his favorite story in FANG Volume 1. In fact, he actually contacted the author for permission to use the story in the volume. This is contrary to FANG's basic principles, but, well, Alex was the editor. The boss, applesauce. He could do what he damn well pleased.

Aaanyway, Badger, also known as André Blaireau, had a few tricks up his sleeve, it turned out. Having long sleeves, Mr Blaireau's tricks were far too big to fit in any volume of FANG... So why kick other talented authors off scarce FANG pages when BDB was already gearing up to launch a line of novels by selected FANG authors?

Bad Dog Books is proud to present Everybody Loves Luther, the story of Adrian Drew, professor at Whiskey University and the young Dalmatian Luther Coachman who breaks him out of his mourning for his decesased lover. Throw in a frisky young couple, the tough queer Jesse Krolik and his easygoing partner Chip Rockwell and the various dramas life can throw at young and old alike... and Everybody Loves Luther is a worthy opening to the FANG Presents line of novels.

Gorgeous cover art provided by the spectacular painting talent of Grimal. Full-sized verison available at the Gallery at Everybody Love Luther is available for $19.99.

Furry Weekend Atlanta

Yes, Further Confusion is just around the corner, but it's FWA where you'll find FANG on the table. FurNation will be stocking a lot of sleek black covers on their table. FANG Volume 1, 2 and Everybody Loves Luther (all for the marvellously affordable $19.99) will be available in decent quantities, so hopefully it won't sell out as it's done at previous cons.

Of course, I say 'hopefully'...

If you're planning to attend, and you're considering picking up a copy, do hop by the FurNation table early and beat the crowd, eh?

That said, if you're going to FWA, we'd love to hear it!

FANG Volume 5

Okay, the poor, hardworking writers among you have been reading all this promotional claptrap, wondering when we'd get to the really important stuff. Who cares about books that they can't write stories for? Who cares if anyone buys them or not? Think about the future, dude.

For those selfish individuals, here's the good news. The future is now, and it's called FANG Volume 5 .

Originally FANG's volumes centered around a particular genre. Partly this was a sneaky trick to ensure sufficient submissions. Alex thought it'd be best to choose a nice broad catch-all; surely some writers would have a story or two lying around that fit the bill.

Of course, that didn't turn out to be at all necessary. Not in the bloody slightest.

Ben, who has a pair of cojones the size of melons, has braved Alex's ego, which is the size of a small planet, and smashed preconceptions to go with something new. It's time to take risks with FANG and it's time to make authors work harder (lazy buggers that they are).

FANG Volume 5 will not have a genre. It will have a theme. You got it? A theme.

And Volume 5's theme will be:


That's it. Take it as far as you want or as close to the mark as you can. If you've written for FANG before you know that we value good writing even more than we value our own rules. Go nuts. Fly with it.

Just remember that your writing has to be really insanely good to convince us to overlook Obvious Oversights. That's why we've set up a new Advice section on Read it, and stack your chances at making the grade.

Submissions will be accepted from February 14 to April 14. As always, submission instructions are available on the BDB website .

You'd better get cracking.

Final words

Was that enough to make up for the silent treatment for the last few months? We at Bad Dog Books sort of believe it is. As always, we're available for questions, comments, or anonymous donations of large sums of money at

We've been working hard to make stuff happen and it brings us no end of joy to finally be able to reveal it.

FANG goes on sale through FurPlanet, and at Furry Weekend Atlanta. The first FANG Presents novel is coming out with a gorgeous painting by Grimal on the cover. FANG Volume 5 will be accepting new submissions with the theme 'games' from February 14 to April 14.

With kind regards from Alex Vance, head pot-scrubber of BDB, and Ben Goodridge, managing editor of FANG,

Bad Dog Books


(Now go and write a story or buy our damn books)

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