Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ben Goodridge at Anthrocon

Ladies and gentlemen,

  • Some astute readers noted a sneaky little code error that had crept into the product 'carrousel' on the webpag, which mysleep-deprived eyes had missed. Fixed!
  • Other equally astute readers noted that the 'mystery editor' I announced could already be found on the new website. D'oh! The newest addition to the BDB team is the highly regarded (though not, perhaps, reputable) Cinnamon DeWolf, author of a great many pieces of furry erotica. We dragged him out of retirement and lashed him to FANG -- more about and from him soon!
  • FurNation informed me that El Burrito de los Muertos, the sequel to Everybody Loves Luther, will not be available on their table at Anthrocon. There's only so much they can fit in their truck. Still, AndrĂ© Blaireau, author of both these novels, will be at AC!
  • Also at AC, and most importantly, is Ben Goodridge. Ben will present the Bad Dog Boot Camp, scheduled for Saturday at 4PM. He'll be providing some keen insights into the editorial process and gives advice on how best to impress an editor. He'll also, of course, be plugging his new novel, 'White Crusade' and I honestly can't blame him. It's fantastic. Do drop by!

All right, that's it for now. More about the novels and the Free Press Program to follow soon!

- Alex Vance
Editor-in-chief of Bad Dog Books

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