Thursday, July 05, 2007

FANG 3 and 4, three new novels, site update, AC

Folks, it always goes the same way.
You plan months in advance, really take your time to prepare and make sure everything's perfect. You keep quiet about it so you can surprise people with it.
Then, a few weeks before the deadline, something happens, or you discover something, that means that all your work is for nothing and you have to do it all over again. Whether this be book formatting, editing, webdesign, writing -- any and all.
Then, a week before the deadline, just as it seems as if you'll make it, it happens again. Start over.
Le sigh.
But we at BDB are indomitable. We knew that Anthrocon would be a big thing for us, and despite everything the Fates have thrown our way, we're actually ready for it. (This mail will only be a quick sum-up; I'll properly give a blow-by-blow when I've had some sleep. According to my calendar, I'll have time for that in about three years.)


  • FANG Volume 3 is being published. FI-NAL-LY. It's taken a long time, but it's been worth it.
  • FANG Volume 4 is also being published -- but it's changing its name, and will be published as ROAR Volume 1. Yeah, I know it's weird, but you'll understand when I get around to explaining it better!
  • The Hero: a gay fantasy novel by Teiran Dragon, who also the popular High School Days series.
  • El Burrito de los Muertos: gay erotica novel by Anré Blaireau, sequel to Everybody Loves Luther.
  • White Crusade: Ben Goodridge manags to juggle his editorial duties at BDB with a healthy writing career of his own. I fought him tooth and nail for the rights to his debut novel, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi White Crusade. He objected because publishing it through BDB would make it look like he was self-publishing. I told him to hand over the damn book or he'd be out of a job.
  • Website's been updated. I know people say that the website is revamped more often than it's actually updated, but you know what? I'm kind of proud of that. Behold: the majesty that is Go look.
  • Free Press Program. I babbled about this in the March podcast, and right after Anthrocon, it'll finally be ready for prime-time.
  • All the books mentioned above are now available in Trade Paperback format, by popular demand, through BDB directly, and all will be available on the FurNation table in the dealer's room at Anthrocon this weekend while supplies last, so be quick! The usual $19.95, and worth every penny.
  • All three authors of the BDB novels -- Teiran, André Blaireau and Ben Goodridge -- are going to be at Anthrocon, and may give book signings, so ask at the FurNation table when you can find them there, and keep a look-out! Writers love nothing more than to hear from the people who enjoyed their work.
Well, what do you know. Got it all done before Anthrocon. Only a day or two before, but still long enough to actually tell people about it. I'd like to thank Ben Goodridge, the good folks at FurNation, the new Mystery Editor that I'll tell you about soon, and of course you lot. Writers, readers, you know what I mean. Thank you for making BDB necessary, and helping us strive to make it something amazing.
More to come soon!
- Alex Vance
Editor-in-chief of Bad Dog Books

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